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Take a Stitch Tuesday

Life has been busy and I haven't had a chance to participate in Take a Stitch Tuesday for a couple of weeks.  Truth be told, if I had really liked the last few stitches I would have made time to try them again.  Life has slowed down a little this week.  I felt the Chained Barred Stitch worked well with this piece.  I couched down some lovely ribbon.  I have a huge stash of funky yarns that could have been used but I liked the look of the ribbon.  I started stitching with some plain cotton that was already threaded into a needle.  When it ran out I was upset with myself for taking the easy road, using an already threaded needle. I didn't remember the specific thread and therefore couldn't match it.  Then I thought so what!  Use another color of thread.  Good grief, a pretty simple solution really. Thanks to Sharon B at  Pintangle  for running Take a Stitch Tuesday.