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Treasure hunt Thursday

This past Saturday I decided to go to a couple of yard sales.  I haven't been to a yard sale in years.  I used to go almost every Saturday when the boys were small.  It was fun to find them some toys and books.  Well, I read about a needlework sale and figured I needed to check it out.  I also read about a church sale and since the two were close together I decided I would go to both of them.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't co-operate and the needlework sale didn't yield much.  However, the church sale was inside and pretty darn good.  I found a roll of vintage velvet ribbon and a needlebook.  I love the victorian looking roses on the needle book.  This is the first needle book I have ever found and I love it.  There are still some needles in it. I think I have found a new thing to collect! I am linking with