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last one

I have a few more purchases  that I could show but they are nothing too exciting.  This fabric was a happy find however.  Our very last morning in Paris we had a bit of time before we needed to check out of our hotel and go to the airport.  We decided to wander around a bit and hopefully see something new.  Well, we happened upon the best little street.  It had a great deal of stores that were very interesting.  We were out early so the stores weren't open.  That was a bit disappointing but it was also good.  We got a few photos of some interesting windows and I am sure the shop owners wouldn't have liked that had they been there to see us.  As we window shopped we happened upon some stairs that led up to a park that was above the stores.  How cool is that?  We enjoyed the park immensely as we made our way back to where we started.  The first cool store that we had happened upon was a stitching/quilting store and it was open by that time.  Again, how cool is that!  A perfect w