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Princess Bubbles goes on a sparkly adventure

I am so excited to go shopping with my friends tomorrow! We are going to Toronto to shop for art supplies. Of course, none of us really need more art supplies but that's okay, we'll buy some anyway. We plan to hit a number of places on Queen St. I love Queen Street. I just have to pop into Mokuba Ribbon and some of the bead stores. We also want to go to Curry's Art , Above Ground Art Supplies, Gwartzmann's and the Art Gallery of Ontario gift shop. I'm hoping to find some Inktense watercolor pencils. I already have some but I want every color! I really like how well the pigment spreads when you add water. We'll probably stop for a bite to eat at some trendy pub on Queen St. Don't you want to join us? I hope the weather co-operates with us. I love having friends that are into art! They inspire me.