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Work in Progress Wednesday

It has been bitterly cold and I have stayed in the house stitching.  With this current lockdown, we have been trying to do something outside with our granddaughter on Sundays.  It is so lovely to see her even if for a short walk or tobogganing.  This past Sunday, no way.  Just too cold.  Call me a fairweather grandmother!  Instead, I went through some stitching kits.  Kits are a great way to learn a new skill but I rarely buy them any more.  Still, I love silk ribbon and I wanted something mindless to do.  Turns out it they weren't completely mindless.  I had to modify them, I had to make them my own.  It is next to impossible for me to follow a pattern.  It just isn't in me anymore!  These pieces are pretty and I will incorporate them into a crazy quilt at some point. I am linking to