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summer time and the art gets messy

Yesterday at an art gathering Jackson Pollock`s art was mentioned.  I`m not really a fan of his work but it did get me thinking.  hmmm  My husband always gets worried when I get that look on my face that says I`m thinking about something.   At times it can be dangerous!  I got thinking about some dyes I have in the refrigerator in the basement.  I really do want to use them up and this is the time of year to do it. So I spread out an old shower curtain on our newly landscaped backyard.  I put down some fabric on top of the drop sheet.  I went up a story to our deck and started dropping the dyes onto the fabric.  You`ll have to wait a bit for the results as the fabric is batching. Of course the dyes spread to the rocks and my husband noticed as soon as he got home.  He may have been mildly ticked off but mostly he was amused by my hands!  Will I ever learn to put gloves on!!