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bargain hunting

I find the best bargains!  It seems to be a gift.  Maybe my husband wouldn't agree on that one though!  giggles  Last week I went shopping on Ottawa Street in Hamilton, Ontario.  I shopped there 26 years ago for the fabric for my wedding dress!  I also shopped there five years ago with my niece looking for her wedding dress fabric.  Very fond memories.  Well I happened upon a store that was closing up shop.  It was rather dumpy looking so I was a tad hesitant to go into it.  But I am a fearless bargain hunter and since the store was closing who knew what I would find.  Happily, I found silk chiffon for $3 a yard.  How could I resist?  The colors aren't typical of what I use but they are still useful.  I have long wanted to experiment with silk chiffon so now I have some with which to play!  What would you do with it?