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I signed up for the San Fransisco School of Needlework's 'Choices' challenge. I am regretting that decision and I think I knew I would and should not have signed up. However, I did sign up and I don't like to flake out. It took me a good while to come up with the right idea. I was hoping that I could also use the piece in the book I am creating. Just when I released that hope an idea came to me. My piece is based on the Robert Frost poem The Road Less Travelled. I want to depict a fork in the road and I was hoping to have some perspective in the landscape. I am just not very good at that and I have been struggling and struggling with this. There are aspects of this piece that I like but there are also parts I am not happy with at all. Do I just start stitching into this in hopes that the stitching makes it better? Stitching makes everything better right? I want to add a fall tree and fall leaves to it. I am also considering stitching the road in gold thre