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Trying to not stress

This is such a busy time of year.  I try to keep the holidays simple.  This year especially so.  I am doing my first big installation and it needs to be done by early January 2019.  The mail strike was cause for concern as a lot of supplies are being shipped.  I believe most of them are in the country now so it shouldn't be long before they are all here.  I am not a procrastinator and like to get things done right away so waiting for the supplies is kind of hard.  On top of that, the glue I have used on a couple of things is not working properly.  Having to redo them is not great.  Yesterday I was asked for my artist statements.  Did I say I am doing two different installations?  I do not love to write artist statements.  That is what has pushed me over the edge. I did manage to get one artist statement done.  I then rewarded myself with splashing some paint around in my journal.  It felt good to just play and I am totally fine with this page being kind of ugly and stressed looki