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The start of another lap book

 My mother wasn't much of a cook.  But somehow she managed to make some meals special.  She had a table cloth that was used so much it had to be patched.  I now have that patched and worn table cloth.  I don't use it on my own table but I have cut it up to use in my art.  I have used it my crazy quilting and now I am using it in my lap book.  There's that theme of redemption in my work showing up again.  I want to use the good parts to make something beautiful.  I have a certain fondness for the old and worn.  I always have had.  Even as a child my heart went out to objects, pets, and people that seemed to need my love. I covered the book with a piece of the table cloth and added a few more pieces of fabric.  I will add more collage components to this eventually.  I cut up a pretty pink napkin that I found at a thrift store.  It is the same style as the table cloth but seems like it was never used.  I am leaving the tattered edges of the table cloth to show.  It makes it al