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Slow Stitching Sunday

 I made a tiny bit of progress on my little girl character.  I knew I had the perfect lace for her dress but it sure took a minute to find it!  Going through my stash really made me see the incredible abundance I have!  There are times when I am embarrassed by how much stuff I have.  Then there are times when I am really grateful that I have just the right thing because of collecting.  I don't want to call it hoarding because I actually use my things regularly.  I also purge and take loads to the thrift store.   Back to my little girl, she still needs some stitching.  I think I want to embroider some small flowers on her dress.  Also, not quite sure what to do about those shoes.  They need help.  A little bow or something wouldn't go amiss on her ponytail.  Maybe something sparkly! I am linking to