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I heart Macro

My frozen flower has turned out kind of neat!  I saw instructions for this a while ago and froze this flower back in the summer.  It took me a while to get around to photographing it.  So glad that I finally did it.   I am going for a walk this afternoon and hope to find some beautiful leaves and will try it with one! I am linking with There have been a couple of comments asking how I did this.  I froze a small amount of water in a take out container.  Once frozen I could pop it out of the container, add  water and my flower.  I then put the ice on top of the flower.  The ice weighted down the flower.  I then put it back into the freezer to freeze it all together.  When I was ready to shoot the frozen flower I removed it all from the container.  I also ran some water over it to melt away some of the ice and see the flower more clearly.  I hope this all makes