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Slow Stitching Sunday

I am quite happy with this piece now.  I am leaning towards calling it finished.  Well, the fun part is finished.  I am not totally sure how I will put it together and bind it.  That is always a challenge for me.  I am eager to do this sort of piece again.  I was given a bag of laces last week.  Bits and pieces but ever so pretty and they will work really well for this technique.  I may have time to play with that idea in the coming weeks.  I just learned that the theatre where I work is closed until April 6.  My job is only part-time so it is a big hardship for me.  It isn't actually more stitching time for me as I get to stitch at my desk.  I will likely do more messy sorts of things. I am really grateful that I got to do my trunk show in Fergus this past week.  It was well received and when someone in the audiences gasps or says wow, that feels really good.  A lot of ladies told me after the show that I was inspiring.  That also feels really good. I am linking to https: