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I was asked for a tutorial on mandalas.  I honestly have no clue what the proper way to do a mandala is but I can explain the way I do them.  I purchased some mandala stencils last year and I am so glad that I did.  I use them regularly.  I believe I found them on Amazon.  I start with a white coffee filter and add colour.  I have numerous ways of doing that.  I use markers, watercolours, food colouring and anything else that grabs my attention.  I often do them in batches so that I have one dry and ready to go when I am.  I then choose a stencil and fill in the lines.  Again, there are many choices for this; coloured pencils, gel pens, markers etc.  Now that the basic design is started I let my imagination go wild to finish it.  I keep my marks fairly simple by using dots, dashes, Xs, C shapes etc.  I like to use a variety of markers, gel pens, pencil crayons, shimmer paints etc.  When I want to take a mandala even further I will stitch into it or glue on sequins etc.  The possib