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Our fibre guild has decided to continue our monthly 'sinchie' challenge for the coming year.  Previous years the challenges were based on color.  This year we decided to focus on a concept/idea.  I think this will be very interesting.  For September our word is dream.  So many possibilities for that one!  Pictured above is my start on it.  A friend gifted me with some Angelina fibres so I created a base with them.  Actually, my friend gifted with a big box of supplies as she is preparing to move.  I have used some ribbon from that box.  It is sheer in areas but it has not adhered properly in some places so I need to hit it with the iron again.  Also in the box was some sequin waste ribbon.  I have cut out a little star shape from it and plan to cut out more and stitch them onto this.  In the past, I have always made my 'sinchies' perfectly square but not this one. I am linking to