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altered book

These pictures are from an altered book about mothering. The book is/was Chicken Soup for the Mother's soul. I thought it was appropriate to use for the topic. One of my clever sons cut the book into a heart shape for me. Isn't it cool?

I've been told my overtly feminine blog name is over-compensating

I live with a lot of testosterone and that's why I came up with the goofy,girlie name for my blog! I have a wonderful husband and three terrific sons! But they are guys! I've learned to live with them! I've even learned to like action movies. Well, maybe like is too strong a term. I've never thought of myself as a girlie girl. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I was a tree climbing tomboy when I was growing up. I do have my moments though. I own two tiaras that I wear when I am making art. Believe me when I say nobody in this house gets that. I also own a large shoe collection-most of them are pointy toed, four inch stilettos. I love them and have thought about wearing them while making my art but I would be crushed if I slopped paint on them. I'm as passionate about my shoes as I am about my art! I will start sharing my art eventually!

My First Post

Wow! I've actually started a blog! I wonder if anyone other than family will ever read it! Whatever. I have to put myself out here and make something happen in my art world. I am absolutely passionate about my art! I am so happy when I am creating! I love my life and hope that this blog adds joy to those who read it! Fun! That's what art is about for me! We all need more fun and giggles in our life! Here's to sparkly adventures in blog land!