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Paint Class

I was booked by a local company's Wellness Committee to provide a paint night for their staff.  How cool is that this company cares enough about their staff to have a Wellness Committee!  Typically, participants in a paint night all produce close to identical paintings.  I was not keen to run my paint night that way.  One of the participants had been to a paint night previously and was annoyed with me for not teaching in a way that would lead to all have the exactly same results.  I explained that I valued individuality and hoped that everyone would put their spin on their painting.  Thankfully, everyone else in the class was on board with my idea.  Cranky lady did come around in the end.  I heard her comment that she thought it was really cool how everyone produced something unique!  Yay! It is important to me that my students have fun.  So at the end of the night I asked them to come wreck my painting.  I encouraged them to clean off their brushes and use the paint leftover