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Japanese paper workshop

March 23 So much fun can be had with Japanese paper.  We will be creating beautiful texture.  For those of you who love to stitch you will be amazed at how fabric like this paper can be! March 30 no class April 6 Let's get out our needle felting tools again.  You will be pleasantly surprised to see how you can incorporate paper into your fabric art.  Yummy layers will be happening! 13 We will be exploring a number of different mediums to create texture on fabric and paper.  The possibilities are limitless! This class will help you learn how to use a number of different products. 20 Not just for the Kitchen Coffee filters, wax paper and foil paper oh my!  You will be delighted to see how these humble materials can be incorporated into your art. 27 no class All workshops are in my home 34 Rose St., Kitchener