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Work in Progress Wednesday

Poor little blog!  It has been ignored recently due to getting  Her Cup Runneth Over Show and Silent Auction  installed.  The bulk of my time has been spent working on this worthy cause!  the show is now up and looks fabulous by the way!  So many talented artists have contributed some really fantastic art bras! I have had a few minutes to create though.  The piece pictured above is a really good start!  I know it doesn't look like much yet.  I have applied old music sheets to canvas fabric.  I have also added some transfer foil and then some inks on top of that.  I like the way some of the shimmer shines through.  I got so lost in applying the inks that I spilled half a bottle of Heart of Darkness ink.  What a mess!!!  I even had it in my hair.  I am not sure what my next step is for this piece.  It is definitely going to have stitching on it but it may need more ink first. I am linking with