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Corning Glass Museum

My dear hubby took me away for a few days for my 50th birthday.  A little shopping therapy goes a long way to soothe.  Really I don't mind turning 50.  I feel fabulous! We stopped at the Corning Glass Museum.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  Hubby was the one that came up with the brilliant idea.  I was a little concerned that they were only going to have cookware!  Well, no worries.  The first piece we came across was done by Dale Chihuly, top picture.  Well, I adore Chihuly's work so that was a thrill for me.  We also work by Tiffany, bottom picture.  So masterful!  The whole exhibit was delightful to see! I love that inspiration can come from anywhere.  I have a piece that I need to finish and I have been wondering how to finish it.  One layered piece caught my attention.  It reminded me a little of some work done by Picasso.  Anyway, I am thinking that I might be able to layer my piece in a similar fashion.  Maybe, some glass pieces will start showing up in my w