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Slow Stitching Sunday

There actually isn't any stitching on this piece yet.  I started this piece in 2019 and it has been hanging in my studio ever since.  This week I added some silver flakes to the sky.  I think I want to add glitter next.  I have been on a big glitter kick this week.  I have been adding it to my art journals and mandalas.  Oh so fun!  I guess I have a strong need for something joyful and sparkling right now.   I also want to add some hand stitching to this piece.  It probably doesn't need a lot though.  Mostly I just want to get the sky looking better.  This piece is made with different rovings and mixed media in the silk paper technique.  It is quite large, for me.  It has been a fun experiment and may end up as a page in a large book.   I am linking to