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The holidays mess with my creativity

and clearly my blog posts!  I have been missing in action and I don't like it.  Look at the cool art goodies I got for Christmas though!  I love the Global Art pencil case.  I knew my dear hubby would get it for me so I was dreaming of how I would artfully arrange the pencil crayons once I did get it.  I could hardly wait for a quiet few minutes to sit and organize my Prismacolors.  Of course, I have the full set but I really didn't like the box and trays that they came in.  The pencils rolled around and the box was too big and not very portable.  Now my pencils are tucked safely in a beautiful leather case!  Plus the trays that they were in are very useful for beading.  Love it. My awesome son with some help from his lovely fiance got me the green set of Pan Pastels.  I can't wait to play with them.  I love the colors.