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Paper napkins or tissue with fabric

Pictured above are four piece of fabric that I embellished with paper napkins.  The piece second from the right has plain tissue paper.  When I work with paper napkins I only use the top printed layer.  You have to remove the other layers of plain tissue from the napkins.  All have been applied to fabric that has been been painted by me.  The piece on the far left also has transfer foil applied to the fabric.  It is adhered to the fabric with fusible web.  I ironed the paper napkin directly to the foil.  I guess the foil is fine/thin enough that it allows the fusible web to come through it.  The piece second from the left has some netting adhered to the fabric and then the paper napkin on top of that.  I  used matte medium or thinned down white glue to adhere it all together. The cloth with the matt medium is now a bit stiff.  I don't mind that.  None of these pieces will be used for clothing or quilts.  I am assuming that it would not stand up to washing.