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Slow Stitching Sunday

There were two things that contributed to my creating this.  First, was learning a new technique.  That does not happen frequently these days.  I have been a fibre artist for over 20 years and I love to research so I have a very broad knowledge base.  Check out the videos starting with this first one   I loved the idea of this because of the colour and texture. The second thing that informed the start of this piece is that I did my trunk show this week.  That got me looking at some of my older pieces and reminded me of some lovely stitching/quilting I inherited from my husband's Aunt Pat.  I have repurposed some of that stash that I inherited but I would like to do more of that.  The base of this piece is an embroidered quilt block that Aunt Pat had started but not finished.  I hand-stitched on small pieces of fabric and lace.  In the video, they used dyes and paints next but I wanted to work with my Inktense pencils.  I can never