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In Process

I got the order of these photos wrong.  The first block is the one in the middle.  It is my Aunt Pat's embroidery.  I have been working some of her unfinished blocks that I inherited.  I am trying to keep some of her stitching still visible. My next step is in the top photo.  I machine stitched one some bits and pieces of lace.  A very kind friend at work shared with her scraps as she is trying to clear out her studio.  They were perfect to add to this. Yesterday I got out the paints and had it.  I love getting messy!  Now the block is ready to stitch into.  This is the third block I have done this way.  I am treating them all like wild gardens.  I am not sure if I will stitch all of them together or have them be individual pieces.  I have a LOT more of Aunt Pat's blocks so I could turn this into a big piece.  I don't have to decide right now. I am linking to