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Work in Progress Wednesday

Rarely, if ever am I happy with what I create in a workshop.  I took a curved piecing workshop oh so many years ago.  In that workshop, a very kind lady gave me a piece of pink floral fabric because the colours went so well with the colours I was using.  True, the colours matched but the style of that fabric was so wrong.  Over the years I have returned to that piece to try to make it right and had no success, see the top photo.  I have wanted to throw it out but just couldn't bring myself to do that.  This week I decided to cut it up to see what would happen.  I used my favourite tree shape as it always makes me happy.  I then applied some gold transfer foil and some gold fabric paint (an ode to Klimt).  I quite like these trees!  I think I have enough to create one more of them.  I am not exactly sure what I will do with these trees but it will come to me. On another note, I do an art program with seniors.  Yesterday while teaching I chatted with one of the volunteers.  She