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Another Button Finish

This mandala was done a while back but needed the edges finished.  I really do like using buttons to create a frame around a piece.  Methodically stitching on the buttons was rather mindless but just what I needed.  Plus, I wanted this piece finished for January.  I have been 'ASKED' to participate in a local show!  So delightful to be asked!  The first half of this year I had numerous declines.  I try to not let that discourage me but declines almost always cause some self-doubt. Over the summer I decided I simply need to stop trying so hard to get into shows.  That I will let things come to me and only apply to be in shows that don't have a lot of hoops to jump through.  This has been working well for me.  This piece will be at Martin Luther College for the show entitled Joy in January.  I am linking to