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just my two cents

A while back I asked for opinions about on line workshops.  I was wanting to take one and I wanted it to be really good as I had my doubts about them.  Well, I read a number reviews of a certain workshop.  They were raves reviews.  I checked into the workshop and found out that it was on sale.  I love a bargain so I decided to jump in and take the workshop.  I gotta say that I was not impressed.  Not at all.  I did learn a few little things.  Mostly I learned what not to do if I ever do an on line workshop. So that was a bit a negative and I don't like to be negative.  Here is the positive side.  I have been thinking of subscribing to Maggie Grey's Workshop on the Web for a quite a while.  It is more of a magazine style thing.  Well, Maggie never disappoints.  I love her books and now I love her on line magazine!  It is absolutely fabulous.  Why did I wait so long to subscribe?  I may have to go back and buy all the previous issues!  Here's the link in case you want to ch