Friday, May 28, 2010

Pen and Ink Tails

I have an addiction to pens.  I admit it.  I would guess I'm not the only one in this group that can admit to that.  I know I'm not the only one in my family who has a 'thing' for pens.

On returning home from work one day I found red ink paw prints all over my living room floor!  What the heck?  On closer inspection I found bits and pieces of my Pilot Parallel pen.  Drag.  Trinity (our female golden retriever) had left a trail of destruction.  Plastic bits and inky paw prints  throughout my home.  I knew it was Trinity because she had ink stains on her fur.  Farley, the perfect golden retriever had no tell tale signs.  Oh well, I guess it means a trip to Gwartzmann's as they have the best price for these pens.  I'm always up for a trip to an art store.  I couldn't be too mad at the dog.  The pen could be replaced and was.

Skip ahead a couple of months.  This time there's mysterious black marks on my floor.  Now what?  Well it was my Sailor 14kt gold nib fountain pen in ruins!  Maybe one of those buyers of gold from TV will pay me big bucks for the nib!  ha!  I won't replace that pen.  It was too fine a tip and felt scratchy to me.  Maybe the 21kt nib would be better, hmm?

Will I ever learn to put my pens away?  Highly unlikely.  But when I replace the latest pen destroyed by our adorable golden retriever I will put it in a safe place.  I promise to be good, I do.  Darling Trinity got her teeth into my Lamy fountain pen!  This time the ink stain is on the couch.  Oh well, we needed a new couch anyway.  But my pen!  My cherished Lamy pen!  I LOVED that pen.  You know how certain pens fit your hand just right?   They feel so good.   You know how some pens glide smoothly, effortlessly across the page?  This was that  pen, just right, perfect for me!  I absolutely must get another one.  Of course, this was the most expensive pen she has destroyed.  Trinity likes the finer things in life.  Ask me about my silk sometime!  I am not feeling so charitable towards that dog any more.

In case you're worried about dear Trinity, she is still alive.  She is still loved and cuddled.