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Her Cup Runneth Over Show and Silent Auction

We have had so many wonderful art bras donated this year!  It will be exciting to see the show installed next week.  Here is a little sneak peak of the art bra my friend Nancy Townes created. SHE SELLS SEA SHELLS BY THE SEASHORE The sea is ever changing. When the sunlight dances off the waves and creates rainbows in its spray, it is a joy and a delight to walk peacefully along a sandy shore. But seasons change, and shorelines change and the gentle waves can turn into a challenge for those caught too far off shore. Some will lose their battle against the waves. So it is with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Just when life seemed simple and manageable, a challenge is set before us. We struggle to survive. We hope and pray that with the support and strength of family and friends, we can make it back to shore safely and stronger than we were before our ordeal. Back to a calm and peaceful and joyous life. Also, pretty cool is that I will be on Rogers Daytime on Wednesday Oct. 21, 2015 t