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Journal Spilling play day

My friends and I got together to share art today.  What a blissful way to spend an afternoon!  Oh my, what fun!  The four of us play together really well.   Each of us took a technique from Diane Trout's Journal Spilling book and shared how to do it. The top picture is from Lois's journal.  I shared the crayon resist technique.  We did crayon rubbings and then painted over them.  Lois did her rubbing over a journal page that already had some lettering on it.  Cool. The next picture down  is a page from Nancy's journal.  Mary Lynn shared the glaze pen resist technique.  You draw with glaze pens and when they are dry you do a watercolor wash over them.  Fun. The next picture  is a page from Mary Lynn's journal.  Nancy shared the watercolor crayon and gesso technique.  You lay down some color with watercolor crayons and spread the color with water.  You then apply gesso over top of the color.  The gesso adds great texture.  Cool. The last picture is my coffee filte