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Guild Challenge

The subject for the guild challenge for February is romance. So cliche.   I definitely wanted to stay away from the typical colours.  I dug through my bits and pieces and found a candy wrapper I cut into hearts.  I added the spiral and some hand dyed fabric softener sheets.  I covered it all with some sheer fabric, stitched and heated/burned it.  Honestly, I am glad that I am still alive after doing this piece.  While cutting out the base fabric I sliced my finger with the rotary.  I have done that before and really must be more careful!  I decided to continue but should have known better.  I took the piece to my sewing machine and trying to be careful to not bleed on it.  So while being careful of my right hand I proceeded to sew directly into my left index finger.  I yanked my hand away by instinct and broke the needle off in my finger.  With both hands bleeding I decided it was time to put it away.  Who knew art-making could be so dangerous! I am linking to http://ninamariesayr