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Slow Stitching Sunday

 Farley's dog tag is attached.  I am not totally sure if I really like the way I have attached it or not.  I will continue to consider it.  There is still more stitching to do.  There aren't enough beads on it yet.  I definitely made progress on this piece and I am really liking it.  I am excited to do more dog tag stitched journal pages.  One for each of the beautiful souls that enriched my life.  Dogs are the best. The first dog that came into my life was Lady.  A furry ball of energy attacked my shorts and pulled them down.  I was only 4 or 5.  I remember vividly being humiliated and not understanding why my parents didn't help me.  Of course, they were splitting a gut with laughter.  I am sure I would have done the same in their place.  Even though it was a bit of a rough start, I loved Lady.   I am linking to