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The other day I was digging through a box of experiments, I was hoping to find somethings to add to my fabric book.  I came across a stencil of trees that I had cut and got distracted from my book.  I had been wanting to use the stencil with spray paint mostly because I had cut it from cardstock.  I thought if I used spray paint it would give it a protective coating and make it more durable.  Anyway, I grabbed a couple of things out of the box to use as a base to spray.  Bottom photo is a stiff fusible interface I had applied transfer foil to.  I sprayed blue paint at the top of the stencil and white at the bottom.  I love the ethereal quality to it.  The top photo is a blue gelli print.  I had a build up of spray paint on the stencil so I printed it on top of the gelli print.  It is a bit hard to see the details but I really like the way it turned out.  It feels so good to be playing and experimenting.