Sunday, November 8, 2009

gelatin plate monoprinting

I was at a workshop yesterday put on by the Royal City Calligraphy Guild.  I love taking workshops with this guild.  There is alway so much open sharing.  There is always tons of inspiration.  You know you were at a good workshop when you come home exhausted but your head is spinning with ideas! 
I'm usually the class dunce at a workshop.  I can produce very little art that is worth showing to anyone when in a workshop.  But that's okay.  I come home and get to work with what I learned.  That's where I am most comfortable and have all my supplies.  Home is where my ideas flourish.
Pictured above is Susan showing us how to use a gelatin plate and Wendy looking on with keen interest.  As per usual the prints that I produced were nothing special but they will make good backgrounds on journal pages or whatever. 

Gelatin plates have a shelf life of a couple of days at the max.  So I wanted to use my plate today before it started to ooze.  I had great fun experimenting and letting the paint fly!  Oh!  I'm a happy girl when the paint is flying!
Actually the print pictured above is made with alcohol inks.  I wasn't sure if it would work.  I thought possibly the alcohol inks would dissolve the gelatin but it didn't.  It worked really well and I will probably do this again.