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I am teaching a workshop this Sat. Dec. 3

Hi All This is just a quick note to let you know that I am teaching a workshop this Saturday for the Royal City Calligraphy Guild in Guelph.  If you are in the area there is a spot or two left.  It is going to be fun and we are going to get messy.  If you want details email me and can forward the class info.

I am a winner!

I am a follower of the Thread Studio on Facebook.  Today I received my prize for commenting on a post a couple of weeks ago.  This came all the way from Australia pretty darn quick.  I am impressed.  I can't wait to have time to read this lovely little book and use the walnut ink crystals.  Fun. 

needle felted, quilted and embellished

I had this piece for sale yesterday but it did not sell.  I am not crushed.  I really like it.  I did sell a few scarves and one art piece and I forgot to take a picture of it!  Oh well.  I am so grateful for my wonderful friends who supported me in my first sale.  I was a bit anxious about it but I received many favorable comments about my work so that was encouraging. I needle felted some knitting yarns on to painted silk for this piece.  I then did some free motion quilting and then added some transfer foil.  It was looking good but needed a focal point so I added the piece of dichroic glass. 

Take a stitch Tuesday I have just signed up for Take a Stitch Tuesday with Sharon B.  It might be a good idea to incorporate the stitches I learn into my crazy quilt project.  That would kill two birds with one stone.  I am all for making things easier for myself!

fibre scarves

It was a productive day.  I love productive days!  This probably just looks like a mass of fibres but it is a photo of six scarves I made today.  I will have them for sale on Saturday.  I will be participating in my first art sale!  I also have seven art pieces in varying stages of readiness.  Some are framed.  Some aren't yet but will be by Sat.  I am also working on some teaching proposals for CREATE in New Jersey.  Yikes, I am tired.

my journal cover

I showed what my friends did but neglected to post my journal cover.  So here it is.  I would like to tie some fibres onto the spine to hide the spiral binding.  I think that would look pretty.  It might be a bit tedious to do though and I am not good with tedious.

kitchen foil in art

I did this technique years ago with my kids.  One of my sons actually won first place in the fall fair with his foil art.  Pretty cool.  My friends created these a while ago.  I just found the camera, thankfully.  We glued down some string, covered that with foil and then added layers of acrylic paint.  These make great journal covers.  Oh yes, I also put a coat of varnish over it all once it had dried for a few days. 

more beading

Here is November's bead journal project.  I can hardly believe it is almost the end of the year and I only have one more project to go!  This is the second year that I have participated and I have really enjoyed it.  Having a deadline really works for me.  I used kitchen foil as the base.  I adhered some painted tissue paper and then stitched and beaded.  I also added a piece of doily I cut up and painted.  I am pleased with the way it turned out.

Being published

Shelly Stokes of Cedar Canyon Textiles has graciously accepted some of my art for publication in her new book.  It is terribly exciting to me when someone else likes my work.  I love my art and yet I still have some pretty big insecurities about it.  Maybe not big insecurities but insecurities nonetheless so when I get approval from someone else it means a lot to me.

alcohol ink book covers

I watched a youtube video about using alcohol ink yesterday.  I should have saved the link!  Anyway, it did inspire me.  She glued down all kinds of bits.  She started with tape-masking as well as scotch tape.  She added sequins and tiny beads - the kind without a hole.  So here is my go at it.  I also added some transfer foil but just glued down the whole thing rather than transferring it.  I also added some cello wrap and bugle beads.  I was going for lots of texture.  I did achieve that but it made it difficult to apply the ink.  It was hard to get into the crevices.  I forgot to mention that you apply a layer of white glue over the top of everything before you go at it with the alcohol ink.  That layer of glue helps keep those silly rolly beads in place.  It also means that you cannot work with the ink for too long as it will reactivate the glue and then you end up with a sticky mess.  Of course you have to wait for the glue to dry before you apply the ink. I hope to get thes

a busy week

I have been busy creating all week but don't have any finished projects to show.  So I dug out this piece that I completed a while ago.  I don't believe I have posted about it before this.  It seems like I do a lot of the tear drop shape.  I guess it is a recurring theme in my work.  This piece is one of my bigger pieces. Hopefully, I will get some of my other pieces finished so that I can post them soon.