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The ideas come, they always come

Usually I have more ideas than the time and energy to do them all. They keep coming though and I'm glad of it. I have finished my altered book. So here are a few more pages. The beaded purse in the above picture was made by my dear sister, Nancy. She is a very talented artist and I love her dearly. I'm a little concerned that I am going to run out of space for pictures on this blog. I don't know how many I am allowed to have and I don't know how to find out. At any rate I have put the rest of the pictures of this book on my Flickr page. Thanks for looking!

Over the top girly swirly altered book

This book was created around the quote 'girls just want to have funds'. A friend of mine had that quote written in a journal she showed me - it's a take off of the Cindy Lauper song 'Girls just want to have fun'. Well, not to be greedy or anything but I want both fun and funds! Truthfully though I have all I need and I count my many blessings. My book it is not totally finished and so I hesitate to post about it. There is only one page that is not finished and I am a bit stuck. I bought the September issue of Vogue in hopes of finding some inspiration. But, alas, no inspiration was to be found. Anna Wintour you have disappointed me. Or was it the designers that disappointed? Reinventing the 80's!!!! Not a good idea! I figure I wore it twenty years ago so I don't ever have to wear it again. What were they thinking?! Here is the cover of the book. The beautiful beaded purse on the cover I received in a swap. I could never, ever make such a th

another fabric journal page

I had fun making this page. It's prettier in real life than the photograph though. I used yarn, sheer fabric and free motion quilting. I still have a lot to learn about free motion quilting. The problem is I have a love - hate relationship with my sewing machine. Ultimately, I would rather hand stitch as my hands always work right.

a fabric journal

This is the cover to a fabric journal that I made a while ago. I'm realizing that I haven't posted much of my fabric art. I tend to go through phases or chunks of time where I work on paper art or fabric art. I really do want to combine the two together more. Here's page from that journal. I'm not sure if it's done - actually I'm sure I would like to do something more - just not sure what it is. So many projects, so little time! Sometimes I wish I had no other responsibilities and I could play with art all day.

A cool idea

Sometimes I think I'm so clever and then I wonder if I came across the idea somewhere along the line and I just don't remember where. Which ever it is, I love creating and playing and exploring. It makes no difference if it is my original idea or not, but I kind of think this idea is. I love leaves. I love sequins. I want to own every color possible. Actually, I have an idea that will require each color of the rainbow but I cannot find purple. Necessity is the mother of invention. I have white leaf sequins (pictured above). I figured I could make them purple with my alcohol inks . It works wonderfully - see picture below. Okay, I have no idea why everything is underlined now and I have no idea how to make it stop. Annoying. Alcohol inks come in so many colors. They work great but they do stain your hands. Drag. The other thing I was thinking is that Prismacolor markers and Sharpie markers would work as well.

Free kaleidoscope

Please feel free to use this kaleidoscope in your art. It is my gift to you but please credit me if you do use it.

A pretty little book

This is a simple accordion fold book that I created a while back. One vellum sheet makes up the pocket pages. I love vellum it's so pretty and delicate looking. I used vellum stickers to decorate the tags that are inside the pockets. I used matt board for the covers. Really a simple but pretty book.

Play day and sparkly adventures

I love my art friends! They're so much fun! Lois invited us over to make art at her house. She covered her fence in plastic so we could staple our watercolor paper to it and throw walnut ink and watercolor paint at it. Oh my gosh, too fun! The picture above is Nancy and Mary Lynn enjoying the fun. These are some of the art papers we created. This is Lois, Mary Lynn and Nancy playing with shaving cream and food coloring. You can get some great marbled effects with these two humble materials. Oh, it was just such fun getting messy with the shaving cream. .

Another book

I love making books. I think this one turned out pretty cool. All the dangles hanging off the spine make me really happy. They're so sparkly and pretty! There is actually some foil on the cover but it doesn't show in the photograph that well. This is the inside of the book. The pages are all different sizes. I really like that I stepped outside of the box and made them that way.

Altered book page

I've belonged to the yahoo Altered book group for years. It's a great group. Today is the 10th anniversary of the group. In honor of that we created a flash mob event. The group members uploaded photos of their altered book pages to the group's photo section. Above is the page that I uploaded. Corinne Stubson very generously offered to make a book to celebrate the anniversary. We all sent her an original altered page, approximately 180 of us. She is color copying them and binding them into a book. She will send us each a book when all the work is done. I am amazed that she would take on so much work! I'm truly grateful that she has allowed Canadians to participate. I can't wait to see it! In regards to the above page you really can't see the sparkles very well, if at all. It's really hard to take a pictures of glitter. But there is glitter on the white lines coming out of the bottle. It looks better in per


Well, I guess I jumped the gun! My book has been accepted to be in Sue Bleiweiss's new book. So out of respect to Sue I have removed the one picture of the book. I have left up the photo of the inside of the cover as that won't be in Sue's book. I am so excited!!!! I will be a published artist!! How cool is that!!!

I love this book

I created this book a while ago and submitted it to two different publications. It was not accepted by either of them. I just can't believe it. I think it's a beautiful book! Why wouldn't they want it in their publication? I painted two artist canvases and used them as the book covers. I also painted the backsides of the canvases and attached some sea shells. The backside of the canvas acts as a shadow box of sorts. The pages of the book are made up of white copy paper as well as pages from an old atlas. I adorned the spine with wires, beads and a small glass bottle that contains some tiny pieces of beach glass that I have collected.