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GRIPS outing

What a fantastic morning I had.  I spent a few hours at McLean Auto Wreckers.  I shot over 500 images and most of them are keepers!  Too much fun.  My mind is spinning with ideas.

CitraSolv and sucky results

I watched an interesting youtube video about Citrasolv yesterday.  Today I had some free time (yay) and decided to experiment.  I have played with Citrasolv before and had some interesting results.  This time I applied the Citrasolv to the National Geographic page and then put plastic wrap onto it.  The above is the result.  Very disappointing.  The video showed much more interesting results.  I don't know what I did wrong. 

more shopping bounty

I picked up these gorgeous inks while in Toronto.  The labels aren't in English so I am not positive they are inks but they were in the ink section.  It doesn't really matter as it is color of them that I love.  Oh how I wish I had more time to play with them. 

Shopping in Toronto

I love shopping on Queen St. in Toronto.  It has the best stores!  Checkout the ridiculous fabric I bought!  How fun is that?  I know it is over the top but it makes me happy.  I will use it judiciously don't worry.  I bought some orange fabric like this a while back and used it on a book cover.  It looks fantastic. My sister is coming next week and we have plans to spend a day shopping on Queen St.  I can hardly wait.  We will have a blast together.  Having a sister with similar interests is the best. 

aw puttering in the studio

I spent a good part of the afternoon puttering and tidying in my studio.  I really must post some pictures of my studio.  It is probably my favorite place in the world.  It is good for my soul and I need some good soul time right now.  I love organizing but mostly I love being able to find my stuff when I want it. 

Inktense blocks

I love Inktense watercolor pencils.  When I saw that Derwent now makes them in a block form I couldn't resist buying them.  The color is vibrant and intense as the name implies.  If only I had known that they make a 24 pack before I bought the 12 pack!

bead journal project for April

 I was really inspired by the idea of stitching on Japanese papers.  I love spirals so this paper was a natural choice.  I want to explore this idea further.

Crayola versatility

Who knew that you could get such a vibrant print from Crayola markers?  Crayolas transfer really well onto wet watercolor paper.  There is a lot of potential with this!

not too exciting at first glance but

Last week I went to a lecture by Nancy Jacobi of The Japanese Paper Place.  She is so passionate about Japanese paper.  She is fascinating.  What is it about people that are passionate?  They make whatever they are talking about so interesting.  Japanese paper can look so delicate but it is amazingly strong.  Nancy showed a piece that was crumpled and then stitched.  You can imagine my excitement!  I couldn't wait to crumple the sample that was given to me.  The more I scrunched the more cloth like the paper felt.  The top picture shows three sheets of the washi paper I purchased.  The bottom picture is the piece that I crumpled and scrunched. 

I love shopping

I went to Scrapfest yesterday.  What a zoo!  I thought that there might be some good shopping there but it was way too crowded.  I doubt I will go again.  It was not worth paying to get in and then fight the crowds. However I did find a good deal on Smooch Inks.  I can't wait to play with them.  The colors are fantastic. 

the next step with the acrylic transfer

I decided to add some more permanent marker to this piece.  I am starting to like it!  Stay tuned for the next installment.  My apologies for not posting as frequently as I normally do.  I totally do not know what is happening to time.  It seems to have sped up to an unbelievable pace.

acrylic transfer continuing on

So this transfer is till kind of ugly but it is getting better.  I used permanent marker to tone down the transfer foil a bit.  It was just too much.  I am not willing to give up on this yet.  I believe if I keep adding layers it will get better.

painted tissue paper

I painted the tissue paper with inexpensive metallic tempera paint.  I really like the look of it.  The paper appears sheer but metallic.  It is really hard to capture a digital image of it.  I am not exactly sure how I will use it so it will get stashed away for now.