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bead journal project for March

I have been wanting to post for  a while but either my computer or the internet connection were not co-operating!    Mind you I only finished  my bead journal project today.  I tired of working on my snowflake journal pages.  After all spring is here.   Today I played with kirigami and kaleidoscope kreator.  I combined the two together in this project.  I adhered the pieces to some painted rice paper.  I then added some stitch with metallic thread.  Of course I also beaded this.  It is odd that both pictures are not accurate in regards to color.

stamp carving

I found some easy to carve stamp material last month.  I love spirals and thought the round shape was perfect for a spiral.  I was really impressed with how easy it was to carve.  I have nine more of these round stamps to carve.  I need a few more ideas as to what to carve into them.

color collage

This was an interesting exercise that has some potential.  We were told to pull out magazine pages that had a color we wanted to use.  We were not told what we were going to make with the scraps.  I decided to look for blue pages.  I wasn't disappointed when I was told to make a tree.  I don't have a problem with blue trees.  I might color copy this and do some more experimenting.  I was also thinking about scanning it so that I can play with it in Photoshop Elements.  I intentionally glued the pieces down in a crinkled fashion.  I like the texture. 


My Mom was given an amaryllis bulb for Christmas.  She asked me to photograph it as it is particularly stunning.  It is loaded with five blooms!  I should have used my Nikon - what was I thinking?

Lensbaby muse

I bought a Lensbaby Muse  a few months ago.  I haven't played with it as much as I would like to.  Today I bought the Creative Aperture Kit to go with the Muse.  My son's girlfriend bought some fluorescent nail polish and my son has a black light.  I think that was the perfect subject to try out my new star aperture disc.  Too fun!

meandering book again

I showed the start of this book a while back.  I have since finished it.  I have added a heart to every page.  I have also penned words of love on each page.  I really like this little book and wish it was easier to show it.  It is difficult to photograph.

I have had my art quilt accepted into the Grand National

This is the second piece I have had accepted into the Grand National over the years.  It is no less exciting the second time around!  It is gratifying to have a judge or curator deem my art as acceptable to hang in their gallery. 

Stylish Blog award

Thank you Judy Lovell for awarding me the Stylish Blog award.  I truly appreciate it.  You made my day!   I honestly don't really understand it but I do enjoy being told nice things about my blog.  Thank you. It seems that a little encouragement always comes along at the right time. Life has not been smooth sailing lately.  I hate to be a whiner so I suck it up and take solace in my art.  Creating comforts my soul and brings me peace. I am glad to have a blog where I can share my art, experiments both successful and not.

continuing on

I was not willing to give up on the transfer I posted about below.  I made this transfer with fabric medium and it left a high shine which I did not like.  I decided to try adding transfer foil to it to hide that plastic look.  The picture did not work very well but really it is still not a very good looking piece.  I am still not giving up on it though.  Actually, I kind of like it when something doesn't turn out great because then I am not afraid to go further.  I am not overly attached to it and therefore not afraid to wreck it.  

experimenting again with acrylic transfers

I am on a roll.  Although this isn't pretty it is still an interesting transfer.  I used Sharpie markers and colored onto a transparency.  I painted matte medium onto white fabric and applied it to the colored transparency.  The transfer worked pretty well.  I think this method has possibilities. My apologies, this transfer was done with Textile Medium by FolkArt.

matte medium transfer

I have been experimenting with transfers again.  I was told by Sandra that an acrylic transfer could be done with a permanent marker and tempera paints.  I love experimenting so I gave it a try.  I was surprised that the purple Sharpie marker bled a bit when transferred.  I was also surprised that the regular ink pen also transferred.  See top photo. The tempera paint transferred well in some places but not in others.  I think possibly the paper wasn't stuck down very well.