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The holidays mess with my creativity

and clearly my blog posts!  I have been missing in action and I don't like it.  Look at the cool art goodies I got for Christmas though!  I love the Global Art pencil case.  I knew my dear hubby would get it for me so I was dreaming of how I would artfully arrange the pencil crayons once I did get it.  I could hardly wait for a quiet few minutes to sit and organize my Prismacolors.  Of course, I have the full set but I really didn't like the box and trays that they came in.  The pencils rolled around and the box was too big and not very portable.  Now my pencils are tucked safely in a beautiful leather case!  Plus the trays that they were in are very useful for beading.  Love it. My awesome son with some help from his lovely fiance got me the green set of Pan Pastels.  I can't wait to play with them.  I love the colors.

journal page zentangle

It took me all year to finish this page.  Clearly I didn't work on it regularly.  In January I decided I would have a word for the year.  Focus was my word.  I can be scattered at times so focus was a good word for me.  I was thinking that copying this page at a smaller size could be interesting.  I don't know what I would do with the copy though. I think I will do more journal pages like this.  Maybe, I will have a word of the month.  That could be interesting.

another snowflake

I have so much fun playing with Kaleidoscope Kreator.  They really should pay me for all the advertising I do for them!  Nevertheless, I use that program and create with joy.  It doesn't get much better than that!

last bead journal for the year

Originally I stitched on some beads trying to do it in Robin's style.  I love that style and that is why I joined the project so that I could learn to bead like that.  Well, it just isn't my style and there is no point in trying to force myself into a mold that doesn't fit.  I am learning it is best for me to be me.  I decided I would just cut out that section.  I had been thinking about having a hole of sorts in this piece anyway.  I added some paper mesh across the hole and stitched my beads onto that.  Well, that isn't easy to do but I think it was worth it.  I also added another layer of paper behind the mesh.  This whole piece is many layers of paper all adhered together with matte medium.

on line courses

Hi All I have never taken an on line course.  I think it would be a good idea for me to check one out as I am considering teaching some.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a really great course they have taken?  Would you mind telling me about it?   Or if you were to take an on line course what would you want/expect from it?  Any and all comments on this topic would be greatly appreciated!

playing with Kaleidoscope Kreator again

Doesn't that just make you happy!  Please feel to use this in your art.  If you do send me a photo.  I would love to see what you do with it!


It doesn't take a lot to make me happy.  I am a simple girl.  This snowflake just makes me smile.  I am so glad to have my Kaleidoscope Kreator program working again.  I ran into a bit trouble with it when my old computer died.  The tech support was awesome and got me up and running very quickly! I have fresh ink in my printer so I need to use it up before it dries up or clogs.  I will print the snowflake and then bead it.  I can't wait to see it finished!

painted tissue and felt journal cover

I believe I have not posted this little journal previous to this.  I showed it at the workshop on Saturday and received many compliments on it.  So I thought I should show it here.  I painted the tissue paper with shimmery paint and then adhered it to the felt.  It is a wrap around cover.  The felt works great for that.

a chance to win Japanese paper I just want to let you know about this amazing chance to win some lovely paper.  All you have to do is leave a comment at the above link to get entered for a chance to win.  It is a bit selfish of me to post about it as it gives me another shot at winning.  If I were really selfish I wouldn't share the link though as now there is more people that know about it and I have less of a chance to win.  Whatever!

staying positive

I am optimistic and confident in all that I do. I affirm only the best for myself and others. I am the creator of my life and my world. I meet daily challenges gracefully and with complete confidence. I fill my mind with positive, nurturing, and healing thoughts. - Alice Potter   Above is the quote that I wrote on my journal page. I truly believe that we attract goodness into our life with our faith. I have always had an optimistic attitude. There is a Proverb that says as a man thinks so is he. I make it a policy to get rid of negative thoughts as soon as I recognize them.

I love teaching

Honestly, it is so much fun for me to see students giggle and delight over a new idea or technique.  Too fun! The first two pictures above are samples of Kathy Mostardi's gorgeous paste papers.  Such beautiful vivid color.  Yummy.  Kathy taught this morning and I got to play.  I taught in the afternoon.  We played with all things shimmery and glittery!  You may notice some students sporting tiaras in these pictures.  There were also some boas and loads of sparkly clothing.  We were all princesses playing for the day.  Art therapy at its best!

Pages magazine

I bought the premier issue of Pages by Cloth Paper Scissors.  I guess I am a bit of a sucker for magazines.  I have to say that $14.99 is a ridiculous price for this magazine and it is highly unlikely that I will pay that again.  It is a nice magazine but it is not worth $14.99.  There are some good ideas in this magazine though.