Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Well, the stitching this week definitely tried my patience.  The Twisted Chain stitch is familiar to me and I quite like it.  That prompted me to try something new with it.  I started with DMC Pearlescent Effects thread as I love all things sparkling.  Correction, not all things.  This thread is absolutely miserable with which to stitch.  Ugh.  However, I persisted and got one row stitched.  I had planned to do a second row with it mirroring the first row.  Since I was not happy with the DMC thread I decided to use a different thread, not sure of the brand.  I was stitching along with it when I made a mistake and had to pick it out.  Upon flipping to the back to do so I realized I had been stitching to another part of the quilt.  Ugh!!  After picking all of that out I decided to use a Kreinik thread as I wasn't overly thrilled with the one I had just used.  I wish I would have used a thicker Kreinik thread though.  I think this could look really good with equal weight threads.  Oh well, lesson learned and patience still intact.
Thanks to Sharon B. at pintangle.com for TAST.  I am always glad to have an excuse to stitch!


sharonb said...

Hi Angela - thinking about it the Pearlescent threads are a bit stiff - they have very little drape so make it hard to use for anything other than lacing, threading some stitches or laid work etc any stitch that requires to be wrapped around a needle needs to be made with a firm twist but still be soft such as cotton perle - hope this helps

Laura said...

What a great idea to do the Take a Stitch Tuesday on an actual crazy quilt block. I just started doing the stitches, but they are on linen and so boring I haven't even taken a picture of them!