Friday, March 2, 2018

Not afraid of glue

I think for a long time I felt like others in the fibre community that glue was taboo.  I no longer feel that way and have been embracing using it.  I created these funky flowers with bits of thread and watered down glue.  Okay, they don't really look like flowers.  I need to further embellish them.  They won't be going on a quilt so it doesn't matter that I used glue.  They will be going into an altered book.
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shirley said...

I have been "guilty" of using a dob of glue here and there on creative you say if it is not on a quilt. I have just finished my fabric book of stitches and there is the odd dob or two in that.

Queeniepatch said...

Why should we feel guilty about using glue - you can buy tubes of glue for hemming trousers! I don't know if they will wash, but it is a quick way of 'sewing'.
Your flowers look very colourful, with a bead or two they will shine, too.