Mandala stitching

 Many years ago I was gifted with some hand-dyed fat quarters.  Seeing the set of them you would know why they didn't particularly appeal to me.  The set ranges from blue to purple and have a lot of grey in them.  I tend towards a more pure saturated colour.   Still, they were a thoughtful gift and I have kept them all these years.  While looking for fabric that would work with this mandala I stumbled upon that set and decided to look at it with new eyes.  When I pulled this fabric from the bunch I could see that it would work nicely with mandala.  

The mandala is done on a coffee filter which I made more sturdy by adhering to fusible interfacing.  I am excited to get stitching on this one. 

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It is as though the fabric was specially created just for this project. The various curves dividing the circle are so graceful.
Queeniepatch said…
You know Angela, any fabric, however ugly in itself, will shine and blossom in your hands. When did you ever leave a piece of fabric unembellished? You always 'do' someyhing to the fabric, and therefor have the power to turn it into something beautiful. You are the Fairy Godmother with the magic wand.
Shami Immanuel said…
You turn nothing into beautiful things.

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