May Journal Page

It is mid-May and I am only just getting to my word for the month.  Original was my choice.  The message to be me, true to myself has been repeatedly coming to me over the last few weeks.  I actually thought that I was pretty good at it.  I suppose that one can always improve upon things.  Maybe I need to go from accepting myself to celebrating myself.  

So here is my journal page with the word original.  The fabric was printed with a gelli plate.  It sure has a lot of action to it.  Just stitching some letter beads onto it feels a bit like cheating, like maybe I should have done more.  But does it really need more?

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Queeniepatch said…
I like the letter beads, one reason is that they are more often seen on bracelets and necklaces, here they become ORIGINAL!
Yes, you should celebrate the person you are, because you are unique and give so much energy and kindness to other people with your art.

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