I Like

 I like dogs.  Golden retrievers in particular.  This photo is of me with my beloved Farley and Trinity.  Farley was our first Golden. He was utterly perfect.  Trinity was also excellent.  We now have Banksy who might possibly grow into perfection.  We will see.  In the meantime, I am growing my doggy daycare and boarding business.  I am hoping that it helps Banksy settle.  The bonus is I get more doggies to love and cuddle!

Our prompt this week from Lee Anna was to tell about a favourite movie.  The first two that came to mind were Princess Bride and A Knight's Tale.  In Princess Bridge, the protagonist always answers his love with the phrase,  'as you wish'.  I love it when my sweet hubby says that to me!  A Knight's Tale is about dreams coming true and doing the right thing.  

And then there are animated flicks.  Oh, how I love an animated movie.  I watch them all.  We just watched Lightyear on the weekend.  I wasn't overly excited about that one.  Maybe I was a bit too tired to really enjoy it.  Pixar always does an incredible job with the animation though.


Your dogs are beautiful, Angela! I didn't know you had a doggy daycare business - I imagine there must be lots of doggy love at your house! We enjoy the animated movies, too - the Ice Age ones are favorites here.
PaintedThread said…
A Knight's Tale is so campy - but I agree, it was so fun to watch! Those golden retrievers do look very cuddly. :-)
Queeniepatch said…
you need long arms to cuddle those labradors!
Great movie choices. Sweet pups.

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