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 I spend WAY too much time trying to find a good image to go with my Thursday I Like posts.  Today was particularly frustrating and I have given up looking for the lovely apple I painted years ago.  It just isn't worth it.   And now blogger or my computer is not working correctly and I can't add a photo at all.  I just give up.  I really hate not having a picture but I have already wasted half an hour trying to get one.  

Our prompt this week from LeeAnna is apples.  What kind of apples do you like?  I love Cortland apples fresh picked in the fall.  They are crunchy, juicy and tart.  Yum.  I would live off of them if I could.  I learned of a new variety this year, called Red Cort.  Just as yummy.  

Do you have stories of picking them, or making special recipes with someone?  It was a fall tradition for us to go apple picking when my boys were younger.  It was always a pleasant afternoon except for the time my middle son got stung by a wasp.  Well, there was a lovely woman at the orchard who had a first aid kit and helped.  A bandage always makes an ouchy feel better when you are little.  I am grateful for the kindness of strangers.
Now we go apple picking with our granddaughter.  It can be tricky finding a time that works for everyone but we did go a couple of weeks ago.  I kind of freaked my family out by picking in the Cortland section.  We were told they weren't ready.  Well, they were and I was not going to be denied having my favourite apple.  My family couldn't get me out there fast enough.  Did they think the apple police were going to come and take me away?  giggles

Have you done apple artwork?  Yes, and I really like the way the painting turned out.  it would have been perfect for this post.  I am still miffed that I can't make it happen.

What are your go-to recipes with apples?  No recipes.  Apples in the fall are absolutely perfect.  In my opinion, adding anything to them just ruins them.  


I like Cortland apples, too! We don't see them here in Colorado, but ate them freshly picked in NY State while there in the fall of 2015. Yummy! I'm sorry you ran into trouble getting a photo added to your post. Technology can be so frustrating sometimes!
Queeniepatch said…
How frustrating when you can't find what you are looking for and when the computer is not working smoothly.
As for apples, I like the Japanese San Fuji apple.
I know just what you mean about spending time trying to find and upload the perfect photo to suit a topic. I've gotten a little better about putting my photos into albums right away which makes that process a little easier. Blogger can be touchy about things from time to time, I find. So nice to pick apples especially as a family activity. Hope you have a great weekend!

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