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I like being a grandmother!  I am so glad that I get to spend time with my beautiful grandchildren.  I have been picking my granddaughter up from school a couple of times of week.  I noticed that she was a tad cranky.  I decided to stop at a beautiful garden on our way home.  She wasn't keen to do any walking.  I parked close to a large flower bed and said we would just walk around it.  She became enraptured with the flowers and ended up walking around more than planned.  We enjoyed the fresh air and the whole experience gave her little brain a reset.  When we got home she wasn't so cranky.  Nature is healing!  

It was interesting that there were vegetables planted amongst the flowers.  We saw corn, cabbage, kale and peppers.  I hope someone uses them!

Onto  our question from Lee Anna

do you grow any herbs? how do you do it? pots, inside or out side? all year or in summer. Do you dry them for use later?

I grow basil and chives.  I have them in pots that are outside for the summer.  The chives I leave outside for the winter and they come back every spring.  The basil I bring inside.  I am surprised at how well it is doing.  I have heard basil is hard to grow.  I basically ignore it and it is doing fine.


You're a brilliant grandma, Angela! Sounds like that was just what your granddaughter needed - some fresh air and beauty. Fresh basil - yum! I should try growing some.
Queeniepatch said…
The power of flowers - even the hippies knew about flower power!
Having some pots of hers in the kitchen is so lovely.

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