My First Post

Wow! I've actually started a blog! I wonder if anyone other than family will ever read it! Whatever. I have to put myself out here and make something happen in my art world.

I am absolutely passionate about my art! I am so happy when I am creating! I love my life and hope that this blog adds joy to those who read it!

Fun! That's what art is about for me! We all need more fun and giggles in our life! Here's to sparkly adventures in blog land!


stampgram said…
Princes Bubbles, Have no fear...if you put it up we will find it. I have now looked at every page of your blog and it is lovely. I just went backward so I am posting on your first page instead of the most recent. Hee hee Love your art, love your blog. I wish I lived close to you so we could play together...seeing your friends playing looked so fun!

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