Friday, May 28, 2010

Pen and Ink Tails

I have an addiction to pens.  I admit it.  I would guess I'm not the only one in this group that can admit to that.  I know I'm not the only one in my family who has a 'thing' for pens.

On returning home from work one day I found red ink paw prints all over my living room floor!  What the heck?  On closer inspection I found bits and pieces of my Pilot Parallel pen.  Drag.  Trinity (our female golden retriever) had left a trail of destruction.  Plastic bits and inky paw prints  throughout my home.  I knew it was Trinity because she had ink stains on her fur.  Farley, the perfect golden retriever had no tell tale signs.  Oh well, I guess it means a trip to Gwartzmann's as they have the best price for these pens.  I'm always up for a trip to an art store.  I couldn't be too mad at the dog.  The pen could be replaced and was.

Skip ahead a couple of months.  This time there's mysterious black marks on my floor.  Now what?  Well it was my Sailor 14kt gold nib fountain pen in ruins!  Maybe one of those buyers of gold from TV will pay me big bucks for the nib!  ha!  I won't replace that pen.  It was too fine a tip and felt scratchy to me.  Maybe the 21kt nib would be better, hmm?

Will I ever learn to put my pens away?  Highly unlikely.  But when I replace the latest pen destroyed by our adorable golden retriever I will put it in a safe place.  I promise to be good, I do.  Darling Trinity got her teeth into my Lamy fountain pen!  This time the ink stain is on the couch.  Oh well, we needed a new couch anyway.  But my pen!  My cherished Lamy pen!  I LOVED that pen.  You know how certain pens fit your hand just right?   They feel so good.   You know how some pens glide smoothly, effortlessly across the page?  This was that  pen, just right, perfect for me!  I absolutely must get another one.  Of course, this was the most expensive pen she has destroyed.  Trinity likes the finer things in life.  Ask me about my silk sometime!  I am not feeling so charitable towards that dog any more.

In case you're worried about dear Trinity, she is still alive.  She is still loved and cuddled.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

are you sick of my kaleidoscopes yet?

I never tire of them!  I think they are so beautiful.  It amazes me that one image can produce so many different kaleidoscopes!

Monday, May 24, 2010

more kaleidoscopes

Three more pansy kaleidoscopes.  I am going to print one of these and bead it for the bead journal project.  Won't that be pretty!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

kaleidoscopes again

I used the same pansy picture for these three kaleidoscopes as I did for the three that I posted yesterday.  I have six more to post from the same picture.  The possibilities are unlimited with this software!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I was having some fun play with Kaleidoscope Kreator today.  I started with a picture of a pansy and pictured above are three of my kaleidoscopes.  Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Almost two years ago I got to take a two day workshop with Beaney and Littlejohn.  It was a great workshop.  We worked with needle felting machines for part of the workshop.  I enjoyed learning how to use one but thought I could live without owning one. However, I did purchase a hand held needle felter.  I quite enjoyed working with it and have produced some nice work with it.  When I saw the Janome felter at an auction I thought what the heck if I can get it cheap enough I'll buy it.  Well, I got it and am really enjoying it.  It works so much faster than doing it by hand.

The piece above I felted and then free motion quilted.  That\s a lot of machining for a girl that prefers handwork!  I love the texture that was achieved by felting and quilting.  I don't think I could have achieved this look with handwork.  I may use this a background for some beading for the bead journal project. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

for the birds and Fibre Arts/mixed media

I belong to the Fibre Arts and mixed media ning as you can see on the sidebar.  They run monthly challenges.  In April I won the random draw and received a lovely package of goodies and a book.  That was just too fun.  I love getting packages in the mail - it's like Christmas.

The journal page above is my entry for this month's challenge which is 'for the birds'.  The feathers have a really cool iridescent color to them which you can't see in the picture.  :(

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

more photography

All creation sings!  Truly, nature does make my heart sing.  It restores my soul as does making art.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

watercolor pencils/crayons on silk

Pictured above is beige silk.

This is the same silk that I painted with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils.  I love that the Inktense pencils don't change the hand of silk.  Also, the shine of the silk still comes through.

The sample above is dupioni silk that was colored with Derwent watercolor crayons.  The color moved really well on the silk.  It actually works better than on paper.

Friday, May 14, 2010


This butterfly was a gift to me today.  The last week or so has had me wondering if anything good was ever going to happen in my life again.  So when I noticed the sun shining on my deck this afternoon I thought it was time to treat myself to some rest and fresh air.  I noticed three butterflies in my neighbor's lilacs and had to get my camera.  Is this a great shot or what.  I cheered right up.  Nature does that for me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It is a compulsion

I want all the colors.  I simply HAVE to have them.  I could never be happy with just the box of 8 crayons!  Well, never is too harsh a word.  If I were stuck on a deserted island some where and only had the box of eight crayons I guess I would be happy with them.  It would be better than nothing.  In reality I live in incredible abundance compared to most of the world and I can almost always get what I want.  To that end I had a good mail day as I received my most recent indulgence.

Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils are absolutely scrumptious!  They come in seventy two wonderful colors.  I purchased the largest set I could find last year and then immediately regretted not waiting to find the largest set available.  I should have known better.  I have been purchasing the rest of the colors one by one and now I have the full set. 

I have experimented with using them on silk and really like the results.  I will have to post some of those experiments.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

interesting book

This book I made in a workshop.  It's an interesting book.  It was a bit complicated to make.  I don't think I'll make another one as it was just a little too fiddly.  I don't generally like to make anything twice anyway. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bead journal project for May

I really like this piece.  I made silk paper and then did some needle felting to it.  I added some embroidery and beading.  I attached it all to some silk charmeuse.   The top photo is a close up of the beading but really you shouldn't view this piece too close.  I wish the photos did it better justice.

Monday, May 3, 2010

feeling nostalgic

My mom made the quilt pictured above.  Mom was always doing some sort of textile work.  Quilting, knitting, crocheting and sewing.  She could do them all.  She gave me her sewing machine a couple of years ago.  It still sews like a dream but she no longer wants/needs to sew  She is still knitting though..  She is almost eighty and likes to keep busy. 

The quilt pictured above was made by my Grandma, my Mom's mom.   She too was always quilting etc.  Probably more from necessity than anything else.  My uncle Ron graciously gave me this quilt as I didn't have anything of her making.  I hear that she also hooked rugs and always gave them an artistic touch.  The patterns were always of her own design. 

I am pleased to have come from a long line of textile artists.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fearless Painting

Oh my gosh!  I had so much fun today.  I took a Fearless Painting workshop.  We did some cool warm up exercises in the morning.  These two paintings I did in the morning.  Laurie really kept us moving.  I love classes like that.  Fast and furious is just my style.  Lunch was brought in for us.  It was fabulous, really yummy.  I ate two pieces of dessert! 
In the afternoon we worked on one large piece.  I think that there is more that I would like to do it but I think it is basically okay.