Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Take a stitch Tuesday Reversed Buttonhole Bar

Thanks to Sharon B at http://pintangle.com/ for the instructions for this stitch.  I dove right in and added it to one of my quilts that has the blocks stitched together.  I am still working on covering those seams where the blocks came together.  I really enjoyed doing this stitch.  The buttonhole is a go to stitch for me.  I use it a lot and now I know how to do a nice adaption ot it.  I may add the rerverse bar part to the buttonhole I have done else where.  I like that it adds another layer.

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Queeniepatch said...

You are always so quick and Sharon must be pleased with your eagerness. Yes, it is a nice stitch and I can understand that you want to add the reverse bars to other Buttonhole stitches you have made previously.
I was impressed by Sharon's circles, the Reversed Buttonhole Wheels.